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Jun 12

Potty Training Reward Charts

Potty Chart - Princess

For many parents, a reward chart is a desired piece of the potty training plan.  Some benefits of using a sticker chart are: Engaging visuals and characters may assist with the child’s interest the potty training Earning stickers and placing them on the chart may be motivating for the child You both have a visual …

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May 12

Potty Training & The Dreaded Public Restroom

potty training

I hate them, you hate them, but they are a necessary evil.  I recommend that sometime, very early in your potty training journey, you venture out into the world and have your potty trainee use public bathrooms.  The longer you put it off, the harder it can be for your child to be comfortable using …

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May 03

Potty Training Tips (2)

use a teddy bear to model potty training

As promised, here are some more potty training tips that you may find useful.   Setting the Stage Start watching potty-related DVDs or using potty Apps (Elmo and others) to help generate interest well before you start asking your child to “try” the potty. My children didn’t really like the Elmo DVD but a lot …

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May 02

Potty Training Tips (1)

potty training countdown

Here are a couple of ideas from “been-there-done-that” moms that may speed your child’s learning and acceptance of the potty and the idea that he/she will soon be giving up their diapers. The Countdown At least a few days (but preferably weeks) in advance, do a countdown to the day when your child finishes using diapers …

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Apr 30

Parent Readiness

There is much discussion about “child readiness” with potty training. Every book, website and expert has their own version of a readiness checklist. Some of them are pretty good, while others are ridiculous. Your child doesn’t need to be able to stay dry for several hours and say “mommy I have to pee” before potty …

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Apr 27

The Myth About Disposable Training Pants

Often we don’t think about where the information we read or hear comes from, or about the motivations behind the products we use and the information we consume.  Big companies exist to make money.  They hire doctors, celebrities and marketing experts and do their best to make us think that their products are right for …

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Apr 25

Potty Training – Conflicting Information

We are bombarded with information about potty training from our friends, family, the internet, books, experts, your child’s doctor, and at times there are pieces of advice that will completely clash with something else you have been told. This is a major milestone and it can be a very confusing time. Our children are all …

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The New Normal

All your child’s life you have been having them pee and poop in their diaper. If your child is 26 months old, consider that you have been “diaper training” them for 26 months.  The older your child is, the longer they have been “diaper trained”. When you introduce the potty or toilet, you are attempting …

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