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Aug 11

Potty Training Challenge: Daycare (Part 1)

Potty Training Daycare

You might be hoping that your child’s daycare / nanny / babysitter will potty train your child for you.  On the other hand, you might be terrified that they will mess things up and cause setbacks in your training!   This blog is the first in a two-part series about daycare.  Part 1 is about …

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Jun 12

Potty Training Reward Charts

Potty Chart - Princess

For many parents, a reward chart is a desired piece of the potty training plan.  Some benefits of using a sticker chart are: Engaging visuals and characters may assist with the child’s interest the potty training Earning stickers and placing them on the chart may be motivating for the child You both have a visual …

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May 02

Potty Training Tips (1)

potty training countdown

Here are a couple of ideas from “been-there-done-that” moms that may speed your child’s learning and acceptance of the potty and the idea that he/she will soon be giving up their diapers. The Countdown At least a few days (but preferably weeks) in advance, do a countdown to the day when your child finishes using diapers …

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